Rescue our Future Foundation

“We are a fractured species, but we are also the most communicative species.”
“Our species has now gone astray and is dancing a dangerous tango on the fault lines of evolution.”
“We are socially interactive creatures, which makes cooperative communication central to our existence.”
“There is no ‘global village’. One village went global, producing the most dramatic episodes of envelopment in the recorded social evolution of humanity.”
“We should explore how to celebrate human togetherness.”
“Action is the best prediction.”
“Communal resilience requires a readiness to cooperate, to accept diversity, to think inclusively, to act autonomously, and to engage in critical reflection.”
“The clue of history is history itself. We should give history the response, before history gives us the answer.”
“Education is a cooperative venture in which experiences are shared and multiple knowledges are developed. Educational institutions should be convivial places where people realise that education is fun, serious fun.”
“Colonial history can be reduced to a few words: The guest became the host. Someone walks straight through your front door telling you: You’re my guest!”
“We need to communicate through the “deep dialogue”: the authentic conversational modality of human communication that requires sanctuaries for creative critical thinking together.”
“Racism is a terrible, inexplicable and indefensible lie for a human species that was born in its entirety out of a single family of common ancestors who decided to roam the world.”
“We live in an anthropocentric bubble and refuse to see that whatever we define as living together would have to incorporate togetherness with our fellow species. The planet also belongs to them.”
“History travels from the past to the future, and we are its footsteps.”
“The planet where we all temporarily rent time for living is a common responsibility.”
“Better a stone age than no age.”
“Choices about the future have to be made under the condition of uncertainty. The future is open because we have no information about it. If we had such information, there would be no real choice.”
“If we do not learn to live together, we will die together.”
“Optimism is not a romantic utopianism that thinks everything is ok and we can lounge until the end of times. Optimism is an active mindset that is future-oriented.”
“Humanity has traveled from the gate of the cave to the brink of the grave.”
“The redeeming force that can give humanity a second opportunity in evolution and can rescue our future is within reach. It is closer than we could ever dream. It is ‘We’.”
“Humanity knows a universal aspiration towards communal belonging, to being incorporated in a community that experiences sheer togetherness as a ‘cosmopolitan togetherness’.”
“Humanity has been tampering dangerously with the exceptional conditions that made life possible on Earth.”
“The driving force of evolution is life seeking more life.”

The Foundation

The Rescue Our Future Foundation offers a global forum to bring together critical minds and concerned people for discussion and dialogue on rescuing humanity’s future. The goal of the foundation is to stimulate dialogue, critical reflection and concrete action related to securing the future of humanity. The foundation pursues this goal among others through the publication of scientific research and the organization ​of international meetings.

Message from Rescue Our Future Foundation

About the foundation

Awareness, alertness and liberation from mental enslavement take a central place in the Foundation’s activities, with a special focus on the empowerment of those who are destined to populate the future, the youth on all continents. To realize that, the Rescue Our Future Foundation mobilizes and brings together the countless moral reserves that the species still possesses.

The Board

Cees J. Hamelink (Netherlands), President

Gabriela Barrios Garrido (Mexico), Secretary General

Glenn Sankatsing (Aruba), Treasurer

María Elena Mesta Fernández (Mexico), Board Member

Daniël A. Lachman (Suriname), Board Member


Een geschenk aan kinderen en hun ouders



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December 7 to 12, 2022
Interactive workshop on overcoming writing problems and engaging audiences
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August 15, 2019
ANTIGUA – Keynote Address ‘Action Is the Best Prediction. Moral Authority of Vulnerable States’
Annual Conference, The University of the West Indies, Open Campus Antigua and Barbuda

June 1, 2019

September 28, 2017
CURAÇAO – Lezing op de Algemene Faculteit in de Aula van de Universiteit van Curaçao Quest to Rescue Our Future: De Grote Uitdaging van de Mensheid
Video: Part 1 – Part 2

December 13, 2016
PARAMARIBO, SURINAME – Book Presentation and Discussion of Quest to Rescue OurFuture at the Anton de Kom University of Suriname, organized by Institute of Graduate Studies and Research and IMWO

November 21, 2016
ARUBA – Book Presentation and Discussion of Quest to Rescue Our Future, organized by the Center of Lifelong Learning of the University of Aruba

October 31, 2016
MEXICO CITYOfficial launch of Quest to Rescue Our Future. Auditorium of Siglo XXI Editores, Mexico City, with the International Seminar Rescue Our Future

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“Weaved with what the forest offers, the hammock proves that humanity can survive and thrive in synergy and balance with nature. Its negligible environmental impact while satisfying crucial needs – only rivaled by the igloo – can make the hammock the symbol for development.”
(Quest to Rescue Our Future, p. 296)