1. Justification of the project

The Global Youth Tribunal on the Future brings the youth of the world together in deep solidarity to establish responsibilities, to demand global accountability and to propose corrective actions to rescue our future. This is based on the inalienable right of the youth to a future in a world worth living in. The young generation is destined to populate the future, and therefore rescuing the future of humanity is an existential issue of concern for the youth and needs to be the trigger for global action to guarantee future life on the planet. This forces the new generation to ask “Is this the planet we want?”, which endows today’s children with the legitimate right to interrogate those who are accountable for an imminent cataclysm with the question “Why are you messing up my future?”

2. The project

Starting with a series of local and regional meetings, the project will culminate in a global public tribunal, involving youth organizations and concerned youthful people from all over the world, which will bring well-argued charges and emit impartial verdicts. The youth, consisting of people until 25 years for this project, will be in charge of the organization of the tribunal and provide attorneys, lawyers and judges. The proceedings of both the regional sessions and the global tribunal will be recorded on film and shared with a global audience. Representatives of the tribunal will travel to New York to present their findings to the UN General Assembly, accompanied by concrete proposals for common action.

3. Organization

Global Youth Tribunal on the Future fits in the goal of the Rescue Our Future Foundation (www.rescueourfuture.org), which took the initiative to start this project by organizing pilot meetings at the local level as part of an effort to mobilize the youth, involve existing youth organizations, and widen support and fundraising.

4. Contribution with ideas and contact

The Rescue Our Future Foundation invites youth organizations and institutions from all over the world, from local to global reach to join or support the Global Youth Tribunal on the Future as a pluralistic, democratic project under command of the youth. The Foundation welcomes their active participation in the organization of the event, their feedback with ideas, and their contribution through dissemination. For that purpose, one can reach the board at