How can Africa take command of its destiny by mobilizing its potential?


Change Africa for Good and Rescue Our Future Foundation announce the virtual conference How Can Africa Take Command of Its Destiny by Mobilizing Its Potential? to be held on January 30, 2021, from 3pm to 6pm East Africa Time (+3 GMT). The conference provides a forum for reflection, dialogue and discussion for all those who care about the fate of Africa and believe in its power to overcome deep-rooted historical obstacles. The conference invites critical minds, activists and experts from Africa and elsewhere, and especially those destined to populate its future, the youth of Africa, to bring together their many voices to discuss ideas and actions that will enable Africa to take charge of its own journey. Recognizing the tireless transformational efforts of numerous organizations and activists to overcome current misfortunes and make Africa a better place, the conference provides a forum for them to engage each other in coordinated joint action.

Africa’s development and desire for prosperity have been systematically undermined by a long history of foreign interference in complicity with local elites, which has polarized and divided Africa into remote-controlled societies that have outsourced the command of their destiny to the external interests of foreign powers and transnational corporations. Since colonial times, social, cultural and political disruptions in the service of foreign appropriation of natural resources, fertile lands, labor and wealth of Africa have caused unbearable suffering, senseless violence and existential threats to a continent of great potential. It has suppressed essential internal life processes in Africa, overwritten its culture, interrupted its history, silenced its languages, cut off its evolution, decomposed its social texture, alienated the peoples from their ancestors and divided the continent into colonies of domination that did not respect the geography of its ancestral and tribal lands. The borders of today’s African states are the scars of colonialism.

The fear that the future will be no different made it urgent to have an open forum for critical reflection on how Africa will mobilize its potential to take command of its destiny and become the architect of its own future, which is the purpose of this conference. Africa is not running out of options, but it is running out of time and must act now. Action is the best prediction.

This conference takes the form of virtual presentations that will be discussed in a dialogue between the speakers and the audience. The seed paper Command of Destiny: Breaking the Wheels of Domination in Africa will be followed by presentations on: i) How can Africa put politics at the service of the people and African unity? ii) How can Africa build an economy that serves its people and cares for nature? and iii) How can youth shape the future in which they will have to live? Following the online discussion with the audience, the conference closes with reflections on ways and actions to rescue the future of Africa.

The organizing committee from across the continent invites you to this conference that will revive Africa’s deep-rooted call for freedom and honor the tireless efforts of the heroic leaders and the aspirations of the freedom fighters who have dedicated their lives to Africa’s emancipation, development and prosperity.

Registration for the conference will begin on December 15 through the Change Africa for Good and Rescue Our Future Foundation websites, where the conference program and instructions for participation will be posted. To contact the conference team, please write to

Kampala, Uganda
December 1, 2020

Francis Sekate
Change Africa for Good

Glenn Sankatsing
Rescue Our Future Foundation


Your support will allow those who cannot pay for the conference to participate for free.