Virtual Conference Program




January 30, 2021
15.00-18.00 East African Time – 14.00-17.00 Central African Time – 13.00-16.00 West African Time – GMT 12.00-15.00

14.30-15.00Zoom waiting room
15.00-15.05Opening of the conferenceFR TED OSUALA, moderator
Nigerian Claretian Missionary, John Paul II Justice and Peace Centre. Uganda
Welcome statement
15.05-15.10Statement by Change Africa for GoodFRANCIS SEKATE
Director of Change Africa for Good, Engineer, Entrepreneur and Social Activist. Uganda
The Shaping of the Conference
15.10-15.15Statement by Rescue Our Future FoundationCEES HAMELINK
President of Rescue Our Future Foundation, Athena
Professor at the Free University of Amsterdam, Editor-in-chief of the Internation Communication Gazette. The Netherlands
The Challenge of Rescuing Our Future
15.15-15.45Seed PaperGLENN SANKATSING
Author of Quest to Rescue Our Future
Director of Caribbean Reality Studies Center
Command of Destiny: Breaking the Wheels of Domination in Africa
15.45-16.00How Can Africa Put Politics at the Service of the People and African UnityP.L.O. LUMUMBA
Professor of Public Law, Founder of the PLO Lumumba Foundation and Advocate of the High Courts of Kenya and Tanganyika. Kenya
Politics in Solidarity with the People at the Service of African Unity
16.00-16.15How Can Africa Build an Economy That Serves Its People and Cares for Nature?NNIMMO BASSEY
Director of the ecologic think tank Health of Mother Earth Foundation, Environmental Activist. Nigeria
Economy in Harmony with Ecology
16.15-16.30How Can Youth Shape The Future In Which They Will Have To Live?VANESSA NAKATE
International Youth Climate Activist and founder of the Africa-based Rise Up Movement. Uganda
Youth as Architects of the Future
16.30-17.00Forum for Critical Discussion on Africa’s Command of DestinySTATEMENTS BY CONFERENCE PARTICIPANTS
Participants may request to make a brief 4-minute statement at the conference. Applications must be submitted with an abstract no later than January 10, 2021
Six participants will speak on issues related to the theme of the conference
17.00-17.45Discussion and DialogueParticipants and speakersPathways and Actions to Rescue the Future of Africa
17.45-17.55Conference HighlightsGeneral RapporteurSummary and Recommendations by the Committee of Rapporteurs
17.55-18.00Closing of the ConferenceFR TED OSUALA, ModeratorClosing Remarks
The core values of the conference are respect for the opinions of others, solidarity with all humanity, especially with the disadvantaged, and a firm stand against all types of injustice, especially racism and ethnic polarization. The conference will use language that is accessible to a wide audience.