Virtual conference organized by Change Africa for Good and Rescue Our Future Foundation
30 January 2021, from 7pm to 10pm East Africa Time (-3 GMT).

Your support will make possible the live streaming of the conference for free access in Africa and the rest of the world. We count on your commitment to the emancipation of Africa.


Africa is not running out of options, but it is running out of time to overcome the long-standing obstacles on its path to development. The urgent need to act to rescue Africa’s future has been the trigger for this conference, which offers a critical and pluralistic forum for discussion and dialogue. Rather than focusing on the cause of the problems or the nature of the solution, which are already well documented, the main concern of the conference is to discuss assertive actions that can enable Africa to take command of its destiny by mobilizing its potential.
The real cause of Africa’s crises has been accurately identified since the early days of decolonization as the intrusion of the colonial and imperial powers that have turned Africa into a remote-controlled continent by outsourcing command of its destiny to the external interests of foreign powers and their transnational corporations. Vital decisions were taken abroad and imposed in complicity with corrupt local elites, while heroic leaders fighting for emancipation with their people were eliminated. The annexation of Africa for the appropriation of its resources, fertile land and labor force suppressed its essential internal life processes, overwrote its culture, interrupted its history, silenced its languages, truncated its evolution, decomposed its social texture, alienated it from its ancestry and divided the continent into colonies of domination that did not respect the geography of ancestral and tribal lands. The borders of today’s African states are the scars of colonialism.
The fear that the future will be no different underlines the urgency of a conference that provides an open forum for critical reflection to explore the way forward and consider viable alternatives from within. The solution to overcome the predicament of Africa’s lack of control over its fate is the mobilization of its potential to take command of its destiny, which is the theme of this conference. It focuses on how to undertake the historic task of restoring Africa’s agency to become the architect of its own future. In the spirit of the maxim “action is the best prediction”, the conference offers a pluralistic platform for discussion and dialogue between critical thinkers, civil society activists, the new generation and transformation-minded Africans on the way forward to mobilize the continent’s potential to take command of its destiny.
This conference takes the form of virtual presentations, each with a critical review by a commentator, culminating in a dialogue between the presenters and a discussion with the audience. The seed paper “Command of Destiny: Africa’s Escape from a History of Envelopment” is followed by presentations on “Ecology and Economy”, “Awareness and Liberation” and “Youth as Agents of Change”. The conference concludes with reflections on Africa’s challenge to rescue its future.
A team from different African countries and elsewhere, which is preparing the event, is approaching speakers, co-sponsors and friends of Africa, who wish to join and contribute to the conference that will resurrect the aspirations of African freedom fighters and honor the tireless efforts of heroic leaders who have dedicated their lives to the emancipation, development and prosperity of Africa.

The conference program with the link for online registration will be posted on the Change Africa for Good and Rescue Our Future Foundation websites on 1 December 2020. To contact the conference team, please write to Francis Sekate,