Rescue Our Future Foundation was born out of rising concerns that humanity is confronted today with existential risks that threaten our stay on Earth. In the spirit of offering a global forum to bring together critical minds and concerned people for discussion and dialogue on rescuing humanity’s future, the Foundation brought out its first publication Quest to Rescue Our Future, an enlightening and well-documented analysis by Glenn Sankatsing of the precarious state the journey of humanity has now entered. Beyond a wake-up call, it inspires the hope that a massive mobilization of human moral reserves can still allow humanity to take its future in its own hands in the spirit of “life looking for more life”, which constitutes the driving force of evolution.

The many difficult challenges and deep questions that such a quest implies cannot be met by individuals alone – however dedicated – but they call for the joint intellectual and spiritual effort of all committed persons and organizations around the globe. New spaces where thinkers from different traditions and worldviews can reflect together will open the avenue for a respectful encounter of a multitude of ideas that can shape the road forward to safeguard the future of humanity.

In the light of such a global encounter, the Foundation invites you to read and critically discuss Quest to Rescue Our Future ( and join the efforts of humanity to find ways to regain command of its destiny in a culture of hope. The Foundation offers a platform for discussion to so many wonderful projects around the world involved in shaping a better fate for humanity, which can only come about through the dialogue of committed people about rescuing our future.

Among the projects the Foundation intends to initiate to bring together the moral reserves of humanity, young people, who are the ones who will populate the future, take a special place. We all need to support their challenge and responsibility to create a world worth living in.  “Humanity does not seem to be out of options, but we need to move quickly, because we can run out of time… It is now or never, hence now.” The time is ripe to team up with all encouraging initiatives around the world to shape a better future for humanity.


Amsterdam, February 20, 2017



Cees J. Hamelink

President of Rescue Our Future Foundation


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